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Why own when you can rent? in Renting

Most people strive to be homeowners, but does owning a home always make sense over renting? Not necessarily; there are cases when renting can make the most economic sense. For example, if your job has you constantly on the move, it probably doesn’t m...
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Key questions to ask a prospective landlord in Renting

The landlord-tenant relationship is similar to marriage. More than likely you’ll be living under the same roof as your landlord. Some landlords are laid back and leave you alone, while others may be controlling and complain at the slightest noise. B...
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How to choose the right neighbourhood in Renting

Choosing your new neighbourhood is one of the toughest decisions homeowners and renters face. Although it’s a lot easier to move when you’re renting, most landlords want you to sign a year lease – this means you could be stuck in a single location yo...
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rent affordability

How much rent can you really afford? in Renting

Before signing on the dotted line of a lease agreement, it’s important to sit down and figure out how much you can realistically afford to pay towards rent. Landlords often want you to sign a year’s lease just to secure an apartment. The last thing y...
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Renting an apartment

Determining what you want in an apartment in Renting

Just like when you go house hunting, it’s important to develop a list of needs (must-haves) and wants when shopping for an apartment. Similar to owning a home, location matters – most likely you’ll want shopping and transit close by. When developing...
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Bridge Financing

Bridge Financing in Mortgages

Believe it or not, but being a first-time homebuyer actually has some perks. As a first-time homebuyer you don’t have to deal with the pressure of selling your existing home and buying a new property. Buying and selling at the same time can be stress...
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mortgage renewal

Tips for renewing your Mortgage in Mortgages

Unless you win the lottery, chances are you’ll have to renew your mortgage at least once during your lifetime. Let’s face it, everyone is busy – when you receive your mortgage renewal letter in the mail, the easiest thing to do is to sign on the dott...
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Mortgage broker questions

Questions to ask your Mortgage Broker in Mortgages

You’ve made the wise decision to search for the ideal mortgage product with the assistance of a mortgage broker. Your next step is finding a mortgage worker who you feel comfortable with and will work hard to get you the lowest mortgage rate. Similar...
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Mortgage tips

Mortgage Tips in Mortgages

Your mortgage doesn’t have to be a life sentence. Just because your mortgage has an amortization period of 25 years, doesn’t mean you can’t pay it off sooner. Here are our best tips to pay down your mortgage faster so you can start enjoying mortgage...
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Mortgage Pre-payment

Mortgage Prepayment in Buying

Are you looking to be mortgage-free ASAP? If you have a closed mortgage like the majority of homeowners, mortgage prepayments are a great way to reduce your amortization period by years and save thousands in interest. Why are prepayments so powerful?...
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