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Work with us - as a partner REALTOR® partners with a small number of expert agents in every city. If you are an experienced, local expert who is passionate about customer service and gets outstanding reviews from your clients, we'd like to learn more about you.

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Expert Agents Only!

Our promise to customers is to match them with "Expert Agents" is not just good marketing - we truly only work with the very best agents who excel in customer service. Therefore for Agents has some guidelines:

1. You are experienced.  You have been in the industry at least 3 years (5 years is preferred). If you're a new agent (or your production has been slow lately) please make sure to explain in your application what you can offer clients that makes you unique (& maybe better then other Agents that makes you stand out). If you're not sure what to write, focus on the following:

a. Do you know a neighbourhood or city better than any other agent?
b. Do you speak a second or even third language?
c. Do you have experience in short sales or distressed properties?
d. Do you work well with a specific type of client?

2. You come recommended.
You can provide references from previous clients upon request

3. You accept feedback.
We will collect feedback about you from every referral and will share this feedback with future referrals

Click the "
Apply" button and tell us about yourself—where you work and how you work with buyers and sellers. Please be specific! We'll use this information to decide if you are right for us and to identify you when clients ask to see a home.  Most importantly we want to know if you can provide a profitable & friendly service to the referrals we send your way.  We will also call you to get additional information.