Montreal Turning Into Real Estate Hot-Spot

Photo: Flickr / CaribbLooking for a new property market to invest in that is not located near or in Toronto or Vancouver? Well, perhaps you should start brushing up on your French, because recent statistics published by one of world’s most renowne...
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Millennials Urged to Save if They Want to Afford Homes

Photo: Flickr / Images MoneyWith local property prices sky-high in Toronto, and growing everywhere around the Greater Toronto Area, there is an ever-shrinking possibility for up and coming homebuyers to actually purchase properties compared to yea...
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Land Transfer Tax Ontario

Ontario Government Cuts Land Transfer Taxes

Photo: Flickr / 401(K) 2012For first-time homebuyers in the province, there are more incentives than ever to purchase property in Ontario. Just a couple weeks ago, the Liberal government said that it would be doubling the tax rebate available for...
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Canada Real Estate Demand Jumps

Canadian Real Estate in Demand after Republicans Win Presidency

Photo: Flickr / Brad TWhile Canadians do not have to worry about expecting a flood of angry Americans moving into their neighbourhoods as a result of the recent American presidential election result, some market analysts have suggested that the el...
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Paid to Move to Canada

Canadian Company Paying Those Willing to Move to Canada

Photo: Flickr / Alex IndigoA new startup by the name of Navut has announced a plan aimed at helping American citizens who want to move north. Along with offering monetary enticements, the company is also offering services intended to streamli...
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Anxiety Amongst Lenders

Regulations Cause Anxiety Amongst Lenders

Photo: Flickr/ Mark MozThe Canadian federal government has announced new mortgage lending rules that would make home buyers attempting to purchase property make their selections of potential homes very limited. The aim of the new rules is to limit...
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Durham Region

Durham Region New Site of Hot Real Estate Activity

Photo: Flickr/ Mark MozFor those hoping for price relief in smaller regions on the periphery of the Greater Toronto Area, there may be no place to go. According to statistics, Durham Region has out-shown even Toronto in regards to real estate sale...
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within Housing Industry

Pot Legislation Sparks Concern within Housing Industry

Photo: Flickr/medcannaman With the federal government starting to move forward on marijuana legalization, property developers and policy experts are beginning to vocalize their concerns about the potential impact of the green plant on the Can...
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The Average Property Buyer in Canada

Profile: The Average Property Buyer in Canada

Photo: Flickr/alepoudaWith property prices constantly reaching new recorded highs, anyone reading the papers must be asking themselves at least one question: who exactly is able to afford buying these homes nowadays? The answer is not as clear cut...
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Great for Foreign Buyers

Weak Canadian Dollar Great for Foreign Buyers

Photo: Flickr/MDV While property price trends have been hitting average Canadians hard over the past few years (with the average annual price growth coming in at more than five percent), this has not been the case for foreign buyers – especia...
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