Survey: Many Canadians Can’t Afford Extra Mortgage Costs

Photo: Flickr / GotCreditAccording to a recent poll conducted by Manulife Financial, there is a very small percentage of Canadians who say that they would be able to weather an increase in mortgage costs. Such data highlights the growing problem o...
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Government Regulations Barely Impact Toronto Markets

Photo: Flickr / Jamie McCaffreyAs the federal government has grown more and more concerned in regards to ever-rising prices in the real estate sector, it has embarked on a series of reforms that it claims will help prevent an excessive growth...
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Canadian Central Bank Watchful of Rate Changes

Photo: Flickr / Chris BrownAccording to an announcement offered by the Bank of Canada, the institution stated that it would leave its overnight rate (currently at 0.5%), as well as offering an explanation as to why it has come to such a decis...
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Mortgage Rules Economy

Higher Mortgage Rates Threaten Real Estate Market Performance

Photo: Flickr / 401(K) 2012Despite record home sales for the month of October, it is clear that the new federal government financial regime – aimed to prevent excessive consumer debt in a period of incredibly high home prices – has the potential t...
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US President Canada Mortgage

New American President Will Affect Canadian Mortgages

Photo: Flickr / Julian CarvajalThe election of a new American president will potentially mean changes in the Canadian mortgage regime, say a number of experts. President-elect Donald Trump’s vision for economic recovery in the United States is to s...
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Long-Term Economic Growth

New Rules Meant for Long-Term Economic Growth

Photo: Flickr/ Images MoneyThe new mortgage regulations set by the CMHC has almost everyone talking – and not in a positive way. From financial experts to local realtors, many are complaining that the new rules are going to severely limit not only...
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New Mortgage Regulations

CREA Critical of New Mortgage Regulations

Photo: Flickr/ 401(K) 2012The Canadian Real Estate Association is expressing concern about the federal government’s newly implemented mortgage rules, according to a press conference tabled by the association’s president. The new rules – which incl...
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new financial rules

Expert Defends New Financial Rules

Photo: Flickr/ PopTechAccording to an editorial penned by the president of the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the federal government’s newly implemented regulations are doing exactly what they are designed to do – prevent the housing m...
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10% down is required for homes over $500k

Mortgage rules come into effect as buyers scramble

Photo: Flickr/ Rental RealitiesThe new mortgage laws, requiring a ten percent down payment on homes over $500,000, came into effect recently. This rule, which was announced by finance minister Bill Morneau last December, is the federal government’s...
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Mortgage-Rates in Canada

US Rate-Hike Won't Impact Mortgage-Rates in Canada

Photo: Flickr/ OTA PhotosInvestors are carefully revising their portfolios following an increase to the US policy-rate that was announced in December 2015, attempting to assess what effect this might have on Canadian mortgages.  Traditionally...
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