Financing Arenas Provide Little Economic Benefit: Experts

Photo: Flickr / Maciek LulkoFor many sports managers looking for a new base for their home team, trying to market the development and construction of new sports stadiums has been touted as providing a variety of economic benefits to the city of in...
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New National Home Construction Hits Peak

Photo: Flickr / ezhikoffAccording to a new report released by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, there has been a significant increase in regards to the number of new homes that are beginning to start construction by real estate developm...
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New Properties Being Built at Breakneck Pace

Photo: Flickr / Stephen RushAccording to a new report from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, there has been a strong increase in the property construction sectors, with much of the growth being provided by market opportunities in Ontari...
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Sustainable Development

Examining Toronto’s Future Sustainable Development Projects

Photo: Flickr / Abi KToronto is poised to become a global beacon of sustainable development and design, thanks to a variety of new properties in various phases of construction all over the city’s inner core. Touted as the next generation of skyscr...
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State of Canadian Real Estate

State of Canadian Real Estate Concerns Housing Agency

Photo: Flickr/ Patrick DownIn light of recent market activity, the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation has decided to issue its very first “red” warning, claiming that it has foreseen a high possibility of future disturbance within the count...
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Newly Proposed Apartment Complex

Parkdale the Site of Newly Proposed Apartment Complex

Photo: Flickr/don toyeWhen walking through the Torontonian community of Parkdale, one can discover the various mature, old-style family homes coupled with aging apartments that are slowly reaching their intended lifespan. A hot location for new-co...
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city urban planners

Toronto Looks to Build Up

Photo: Flickr/ wyliepoonOnly a few years ago, if one asked a couple about their dream home, chances were that they wanted a large house with a fence and an expansive backyard for their children. Due to changes in the real estate market, that dream...
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Calgary’s Luxury Homes

Record Lows Reported for Calgary’s Luxury Homes

Photo: Flickr/ Michael Gil Is it just me or is the world getting smaller?  Everything from attention spans to cell phones seems to be shrinking, along with the economy and my bank account.  Now, signs of contraction in Calgary’s luxury...
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digging for affordable housing solutions

Affordable Housing Solutions Needed in Toronto and Vancouver

Photo: Flickr/ Andrew_WriterOvervaluation: a dirty little word that has Canadian real estate analysts particularly concerned about the affordability of housing in Toronto and Vancouver.  It’s no secret that the average price of a single detac...
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its wise to shop around

How is property value calculated?

Photo: Flickr/ Ryan Ritchie To real estate outsiders, value seems like a strange phenomenon - how is it determined? Why are some properties worth so much more than others? Is something really worth as much as somebody is willing to pay for it...
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