Lower Income Residents Struggle with Calgary Prices

Photo: Flickr / Bernard SpraggIs Calgary witnessing the same trends that resulted in average prices in Vancouver ballooning to over $1 million on average per property? According to some economic and industry experts, who have scrutinized more than...
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Rent Costs in Toronto Skyrocket, Rise Elsewhere

Photo: Flickr / Greg Knapp For many prospective buyers looking to obtain property in the highly coveted business city of Toronto, real estate trends have effectively priced many of them out from outright buying a potential home. And unfortunately,...
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more landlords as people choose to rent

The Rise of Your Friendly Neighbourhood Landlord

Photo: Flickr/ Nina JeanWith home prices through the roof, more and more home-owners are choosing to split the difference and pay the bills by transforming their homes into rental properties. In places such as Vancouver and Toronto, where the aver...
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rent costs in Canada is expensive

Too Many Canadians Have to Spend Too Much on Rent

Photo: Flickr/ Will KeightleyIt’s been said that you should never spend more than half of your income on your rent.  For some, that’s much easier said than done.  Apartments, even smaller, less maintained places cost a fair bit these day...
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Rental Demand for Toronto Condos Hits Record High

Rental demand in Toronto, Canada’s largest condo market, reached a record level in the last three months, according to new data from market research firm Urbanation.The report shows a number of new records. The numbers of condos rented in Toronto in...
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