Victoria Overtakes Vancouver in B.C. Real Estate

Photo: Flickr / Tjflex2For the past several years, Vancouver has been the most highly performing city in Canada when it came to not only real estate sales volume, but also actual home prices. However, this trend has been changing ever since the ad...
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Vancouver’s Real Estate Activity on the Rise Again

Photo: Flickr / Bernard Spragg Have the provincial government’s efforts at tackling out of control home prices and affordability issues reached their crescendo already? According to a poll conducted by real estate powerhouse Royal LePage, sales ac...
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B.C’s Foreign Buyer Tax Faces Legal Challenge

Photo: Flickr / Matt WadeA new class-action lawsuit that has been filed to the Supreme Court has alleged that the government’s foreign buyer tax is unconstitutional because it specifically discriminates against non-residents and Asian buyers in pa...
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Vancouver’s Property Market Showing Signs of Recovery

Photo: Flickr / Domo K.In the last few months of 2016, the provincial government of British Columbia instituted a foreign buyer tax as well as various measures in an effort to prevent real estate investors as well as property speculators from driv...
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Vancouver Sales Plummet

Photo: Flickr / Harshil ShahWhile home prices and sales volume have broken records in 2016, a variety of both real estate and financial analysts have predicted that the federal government’s new mortgage rules will result in a very different story...
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The New Empty-Home Tax

Photo: Flickr / Nick KenrickCertainly, it appears that the provincial government of British Columbia as well as the metropolis of Vancouver have both undergone a taxation bonanza over the past several months. Unfortunately, trends within the real...
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on Vancouver, Toronto Real Estate

Banks Keeping Watchful Eye on Vancouver, Toronto Real Estate

Photo: Flickr/ Richard ErikssonAs the housing market is showing no signs of slowing down, banks and investment groups across the country have begun keeping a closer eye on developments within the real estate sector. While prices for single family...
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in Property Sales

Van. Experiences Minor Downturn in Property Sales

Photo: Flickr/ Mark MozNewly released statistics show that Metro Vancouver has experienced a decrease in total property sales volume for four consecutive months up to June. Thanks to high demand, however, that has not stopped sellers from putting...
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rent in vancouver

Financial Expert to Vancouverites: “Rent and sell, don’t buy”

Photo: Flickr/ Mark MozA retired hedge fund manager, with ties to one of the largest hedge fund management companies in the world, has claimed that the Vancouver real estate market is currently unsustainable. Claiming that the housing market is ov...
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Vancouver’s Housing Crisis

Think Tank Offers Solutions for Vancouver’s Housing Crisis

Photo: Flickr/ JP FreethinkerThe Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives (CCPA), an independent public policy think-tank, has sounded the alarm on the housing crisis currently occurring in the Metro Vancouver Area. According to the organization,...
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