The following Mortgage Calculators allow you to test different variables and make informed financing decisions. Our calculators take into account the total cost of home ownership, are easy to use:

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Use this calculator to test different scenarios and determine your ideal monthly payments. Our innovative chart shows you exactly what your monthly payment will be and how much you contribute each year to Principal, Interest and Total Balance due. Using different variables and scenarios you can visually see the effect on your mortgage to reduce the amount and amortization according to your needs.

Mortgage Affordability Calculator

The affordability calculator can help you decide how much mortgage you can afford to borrow and ultimately re-pay. Affordability is based on your (household) income, the monthly expenses you have (car, credit cards, etc) and other costs associated with owning a home such as property taxes, heating costs and condo fees (in the case of a condominium). To get an accurate estimate you need to try to estimate all these things as closely as possible. The calculator is also useful to run simulations to see if you could afford more in certain situations.

Buying vs. Renting Calculator

A lot of Canadians are asking themselves if it's a good time to buy a property. This calculator can be helpful to determine if buying a home is the right decision and investment for your family. For most people buying makes sense, but that logic doesn't apply to everyone. You need to evaluate your personal situation and decide if buying is the right decision for you.